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Nanny Wanted understands the importance of finding the best possible nanny or babysitter for your children. There are a variety of reasons why a family may choose to employ a nanny. Choosing a nanny that can fit into your schedule can actually allow you to spend more and not less quality time with your children. For busy parents a nanny can be the perfect solution to create a safe and comfortable home environment and can actually reduce the occurrence of childhood illnesses.

But how can you be sure that you are hiring a qualified nanny that will work to meet your family’s needs? Of course a nanny recommendation from friends and family is always great but how often does this happen? If a nanny is really that good then usually she is already employed by a member of your family or by a friend! That is why the internet has become the preferred way for people who want to hire a nanny.

Many families are looking for live-in help, many for live-out assistance and some require a regular and reliable babysitter. Whatever it is that you require and for however many children you have, you can find people to fill these positions online. Most websites provide search options to ensure that all the nannies you view meet your family’s needs. References are almost always provided online to allow you to do the necessary checks before even meeting a nanny. With email you can contact any number of nannies to screen them to ensure you are only interviewing nannies that are really suitable- a great timesaver for busy parents.

A great website to begin your search is This website allows you to modify and refine your searches to look for nannies or babysitters specifically. It only takes a couple of minutes to register at and allows you to search the extensive data base of nannies in your own time, post your job for nannies to find you and will also send you notifications if any new nannies join the website in your area. is easy to use and the website allows you to search specifically for nannies that meet your own criteria.

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